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JMRC is a public shareholding company. It was established in mid-1996 based on the direction of the Government, with the cooperation of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the support of the Central Bank of Jordan for the purpose of providing medium and long-term financing for the Jordanian housing sector.



Board of Directors

Board of Directors

              The Chairman

  Dr. Adel Ahmad Al-Sharkas.

Representative, Central Bank of Jordan.


              Vice Chairman

Mr. Tawfiq Mokahal.

Representative, Jordan Kuwait Bank .



Mrs. Jomana Attyat

Representative, Housing & Urban Development Corporation.

Mr. Lina  Kreishan.

Representative, Social Security Corporation.


Mr. Ziyad Akrouk.

Representative, Arab Bank.

Mr. Ali Al mimi.

Representative, Housing Bank for Trade and Finance.


Dr. Nebal Friehat.

Representative, Jordan Ahli Bank.

Mrs. Rana Al Sunna.

Representative, Cairo- Amman Bank.

Mr. Abdallah  Kishek .


Representative, Jordan Commercial Bank.


Mr .Jarir Alajluni.

Representative, Jordan Investment Bank.  

Mr .Basel Mohammad AL-Araj.

Representative, Arab Jordan Investment Bank.

Organization Chart

Organization Chart

Sources of Funds

Sources of Funds

·         Proceeds of JMRC’s bonds issued in the local capital market which have priority in  repayment over the company’s obligations resulting from the loan granted to it by the Government.

·         Paid-up capital amounting JD (5) million.

·         Central bank of Jordan Loan outstanding balance at the end 2019 amounting (18.111) million.





Senior Staff

          Higher management executives





General Manager

Abed Al- Razzak  Tubaishat

Manager of Finance Department

Sayel AL- Aqarbeh

Manager of Administration Department

Jawad Qtaishat


Manager of Legal Department


Marwan Al-Omar


Operations Mechanism

Operation Mechanism 

JMRC provides medium and long-term finance for banks and financial institutions operating in the Kingdom through refinancing housing loans granted by these institutions to citizens at a percentage not exceeding (83%) of the outstanding balances of housing loans. JMRC’s policy has specified the principles and criteria that ought to be available in the borrowing financial institution and in the housing refinance loan.

To guarantee the loan obtained by the bank from the company, the bank endorses first preferred property mortgage deeds pertaining to the housing loans granted by it in favor of the company at a percentage of not less than (120%) of the value of JMRC’s loan granted to the bank, provided that the housing loans granted by the bank shall not be under any installments due and that the bank undertakes to transfer alternative mortgage deeds throughout the life of JMRC’s loan to the bank.

In accordance to JMRC’s credit policy the bank is also permitted to provide temporary collaterals until it can provide the company with necessary mortgages deeds. The most important of such temporary guarantees are The Jordanian Government bonds or bonds guaranteed by the Government, treasury bills and JMRC’s Bonds. and also an authorization to debit on the bank account in the central bank of Jordan in favor of JMRC  loans to banks , shall be repaid bullet on its maturity date and the interest shall be paid semiannually.

In special cases, JMRC refinance housing loans on the basis of settlement of the principal loan and loan interests periodically.

The company also adopted a mechanism to grant financial leasing companies (owned by banks) loans to refinance financial leasing contracts, not more than (80%) of the present value of the financial leasing contract after deducting the total revenues charged by the leasing company, Not more than (50%) of the credit limit of the bank owner of the financial leasing company. And that the term of the refinancing loan that will be granted to the leasing company shall not exceed (5) years.

Loans granted to banks enable these banks and financial leasing companies (owned by banks)to increase its participation in the housing finance market and minimize the risks of mismatching between the sources and uses of its funds and encourage competition among these banks, which would eventually be in the interest of citizens.
JMRC gets the necessary funds for its operations by issuing bonds in the local capital market through private or public subscription and in accordance to the Jordan Securities Commission regulations.

The Company provides the necessary funds for its lending activity from the proceeds of selling of bonds in the local capital market with sizes and maturities consistent with the refinancing loans and with the cash flows of the Company at fixed or variable interest rates for each interest period during the term of the bond - As appropriate -And can be amortized in a single installment or in installments synchronized with the cash flows of the company, after obtaining the necessary approvals from the Securities Commission. The company acts as the issuance manager for the bonds of issued by company or through specialized Parties in Bond issuance management

JMRC's External Auditors

 Independent Auditors

Arab Professionals

P.O.BOX : 921879 Amman - 11192 Jordan

Telephone : (962 6 ) 5151125

Fax : (962 6) 5151124

e-mail: arab_prof@firstnet.com.jo

Shareholders Equity

Shareholders Equity

The Investors

Value/ number of shares

Percentage   %

The Central Bank of Jordan



Social Security Corporation



Housing and Urban Development Corporation



Housing Bank for Trade & Finance



Arab Bank



Jordan Loan Guarantee Company



Jordan Ahli Bank



Cairo Amman Bank



Jordan Commercial Bank



Jordan Bank



Jordan Kuwait Bank



Investment bank



Egyptian Arab Land Bank



Arab Investment Bank



Jordan Arab Banking Corporation



Societe General - Jordan









JMRC's Legal Consultants

 JMRC's Legal Consultants

Lawyer / Mr. Mousa Faheed Al Aaraj

P.O.BOX: 520 Jubaiha Amman - Jordan

Telephone: 5622463

Fax : 5660241

Governance Guide

Governance Guide

To download the
Corporate Governance Manual approved by the Board of Directors in its meeting held Click here  

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